Carrington Park

Carrington Park provides a large space to the community with a wide range of resources. From the skate park to the band rotunda. The walking path to the exercise machines. The sports turf to the playground. More information

Sparks Park

Sparks Park is over 7 acres in area and features a large lake, bridged in 2 places. The waters and trees are home to a wealth of wildlife and a destination for children during frog and tadpole season! The park also is a great place to walk dogs, cycle and meet other locals out for a stroll.

Millenium Park

This space central to the town is adjacent to Wild Oats Cafe and High Street. The park area was redeveloped in 2015 along with the placement of the Charles Rooking Carterton bronze statue. Sit back, grab a coffee, cake and enjoy the sunshine!

Memorial Square

Regarded as the heart of Carterton, Memorial Square is a much loved space for locals and is adorned by the War Memorial Cenotaph. It is also home each Sunday to Carterton Farmers’ Market through the warmer months.

Bird’s Park

Named after Elfred and Hazel Bird for their community work, Bird’s Park is one of the newer additions to Carterton. The park is located between Charles and Frederick Street at the South end of our town. There is a large green space and small playground, along with art in the form of mosaic pillars showing images of birds in stunning colours.

Howard Booth Park

This extensive park is the home to Carterton Association Football Club, Carterton Squash Club and a small children’s playground.

Further information regarding Parks, Playgrounds and Reserves managed by Carterton Council can be found here: