The land that is now Sparks Park was left to the public by Dulcie Routhan – a local benefactor who contributed to the Carterton community, Sparks being her mother Emily’s maiden name. The park comprises of 7.5 acres of grassy land and lime pathways located alongside Belvedere Road.

The Sparks Park Trust was elected by our local community to manage and develop the land on behalf on the council.

The Park is a favourite for local residents, children catching tadpoles and frogs, dog walkers, young cyclists and runners alike. Dog walkers are reminded that for safety this is not a dedicated, off leash / fenced dog-park and that all dogs should be controlled to avoid danger or nuisance to others in line with regulations as stated at the gate.

Address: Belvedere Road, Carterton 7.5 acres
Facebook: Friends of Sparks Park