Jane Burns has been working as an osteopath for 17 years. She established Wairarapa Osteopathy when she moved, with her young family, to Carterton in 2013. Janes Loves the community, the vibe and the people here in Carterton. 

At the time she moved to Carterton 7 years ago she was pregnant and still owned her business in Ngaio, Wellington. She wasn’t planning on starting a practice in the Wairarapa until after the baby was born, but word got out pretty quickly that there was an osteopath in town and she ended up setting up her home office while pregnant with her son, Eddie.

She worked happily as a sole trader for several years while the kids were little, then expanded out of her home office in order to create the structure to support additional practitioners. Jane describes Wairarapa Osteopathy as supportive, professional and caring.

In 2019 she moved my business to The Core- which has been a fantastic move. They have established great relationships with the other allied-health businesses and with the Strength Nation gym, and have been able to create a space where they can all work together to facilitate optimal health for our clients.

Osteopaths complete a 5 year university degree and they are registered health professionals and are also ACC registered. They can complete new ACC claims so you don’t have to go to the GP for a referral. 

They work towards helping their patients become free from pain and injury as quickly and easily as possible, often only a few sessions are needed, depending on the condition. They put our patient’s needs at the centre of our decision-making process and will refer to GPs, specialists,other health professionals, or for diagnostic imaging when required. 

Jane believes that business is creative, and one of the best things about being self-employed is having the freedom and autonomy to create a business and life that works for you. 

Working as an osteopath is very rewarding, but it can be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. They assess every patient as an individual and work hard to understand the patterns within the musculoskeletal system which are creating pain and dysfunction, and then use hands-on techniques to help to establish better biomechanical alignment. Doing this work plus being a mum of two young children means that she has had to create a business which puts her energy and work-life balance at the centre.

Over the last few years she has been lucky enough to assemble an amazing team and have been able to enjoy the benefits of working in a personally sustainable way. Her best business tip is putting the health and wellbeing of yourself and your team at the centre of your decision making processes and create a sustainable business that supports you, your team, your clients and the wider community.