Barry and Colleen bought The Matador Motel on High Street about a year and a half ago. It was about a lifestyle change for them as they realised they wanted to spend more time working together.

Barry describes the business as bloody hard work but he absolutely loves the people he gets to meet through the business and especially the locals. Everyone is very friendly and supportive. His best business tip is to look after yourself, your staff and your guests as everyone’s happiness, health and well-being are the greatest measure of success.

Barry and Colleen have worked very hard refurbishing the units and want everyone to know how lovely the units are on the inside. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover- Barry would love for anyone who has stayed previously, or is just nosey, to pop in and see the improvements they have made both inside and around the property. They would love to hear of any changes or improvements people would like to see made and they will do their best to deliver on these.

Next time you know of someone visiting our beautiful town why not suggest they check out The Matador at 187 High Street North, on Facebook, or their website You can reach Barry and Colleen directly on 06 379 8058 or