Double Dollar Plus is Go Carterton Business of the Month for JUNE!

You won’t find a harder working single mum than Hetal Parbhu. After spending time chatting with this tenacious but completely humble lady, I have only admiration and respect. Her courage and drive is truly amazing.

Hetal (said like Petal), purchased the Double Dollar Plus Store in Carterton 10 years ago. Two weeks after opening, her daughter was born. Her children are now aged 10 and 12, and Hetal has successfully juggled business ownership with school, sports and mama and papa-type stuff ever since.

Hetal is Indian but was born in Zambia. She moved with her devoted parents in 1989 to New Zealand. Qualified in Accounting, Hetal wanted to do something different. Double Dollar came up for sale and she decided, this was the business for her.

Leanne who helps thurs through to saturday, has been with Hetal for the past four years and together they have seen the slow-down in retail on Carterton’s High Street. When asked what Carterton can do to help, Hetal replied,

‘Ask here first! Keep it local. Don’t head to Masterton.. 9 out of 10 times we have it, and if we don’t, we can advise someone local who does’.

Open six days of the week, the range in this shop is incredible. Hetal loves the variety this business brings her. ‘There is always something different’.

Hetal has self taught herself how to crochet. ‘I was buying all this wool and thought, hold on a minute, I need to figure out something I can be doing for myself with this’.. she loves arts and crafts, scrapbooking, reading and cooking. Hetal is a vegetarian and involved in football, dancing and netball with her children.

She has been amazed at the support given by the people in Carterton and her surrounding neighbouring businesses. This town really is about the people. The community spirit and encouragement given here really can’t be beaten.