Carterton is on the move according to recently released statistics by Infometrics New Zealand! The figures show growth in all areas, including population, employment, and tourism.

Highlights include:

Carterton’s population continues to grow with a 3.2% increase in 2018, bringing the total population to 9,340 residents.

Tourist spend has had a large increase compared to previous years. Figures sourced from MBIE’s regional tourism estimates record a 23.6% increase in domestic and international tourism spend, bringing the total spend to $15.9m in 2018 within the Carterton District.

Top areas of tourist spending include Retail Sale – Food and Beverage (31% of total spend), Retail Sales – Other (16%), Retail Sales – Fuel & Automotive Services (14%), Food & Beverage Serving Services (12%), and Other Tourism Products (11%).

Carterton recorded a 3.6% growth in employment in 2018. Carterton’s largest employers include Cured Meats and Smallgoods Manufacturing, Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing, and Dairy Cattle Farming.

Unemployment is sitting at 3.4% in the Carterton District, compared with the NZ average of 4.6%.

Mean annual earnings in Carterton have also increased to $48,884 – a 4.0% increase.

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