What is the point of the passport/Carterton Deals Club?

The purpose of the passport is twofold: to provide a gift that is an enduring memory of Carterton and to encourage visitors to stay longer in our town and shop in more places.

Why is there a picture on one side?

We’ve made it a beautiful take home item you can pop into bags at the point of sale, to achieve the first objective.  And there are seven participating businesses offering deals on the back, to achieve the second.

Who should get it?

Hand out the postcard to anyone you feel deserves it – it’s your call – perhaps if you can identify customers as being visitors in some way, you might prioritize those over your regulars but again, it is absolutely up to you.

What happens if someone shows the card to my staff/to me at the till?

Honour the deal that your shop has offered.

Cross out the deal on their card 

What if their purchase doesn’t qualify?

It’s always your call to decline the deal, if the purchase doesn’t meet your criteria.  

What if one of my staff forgets to cross off the deal and the same person comes back?

Absolutely up to you, if you want to honour the deal again you can, if you feel confident in declining, you can.  If the purchase in front of you warrants honouring the deal, it’s probably a great idea to do it – and remember to cross it off!

What if someone comes up to me with ten postcards and wants the deal ten times?

Again, up to you.  You’re absolutely within your rights to only offer it once, but it’s at your discretion.  If their purchases warrant you honoring the deal ten times, then go for it!

What happens when I run out of cards to hand out?

Email ctndbi@gmail.com and the team will be in touch

I’m not one of the featured businesses but I want to have a deal on the card! How do I get involved?

We’ll print the postcards regularly and can update the deals on offer.  Please email ctndbi@gmail.com with your suggested deal and we’ll collate them in time for our next print run

I have photographs you could use on future postcards

Awesome, email them to ctndbi@gmail.com 

Tips on how to explain the postcard to customers

  • Would you like a memento of Carterton – we’ve these lovely pictures and they come with deals you can use at other shops in town
  • Just show the card to any of the shops on there for your deal