Go Carterton Growth Fund

Go Carterton wants to encourage and support the growth of existing businesses in our town  and the attraction of new businesses to Carterton. So we’ve created the Go Carterton Growth Fund, a contestable grant that’s available to members and non-members to boost their business.

We will make 2 awards of $1000 each, twice per year.  Applications will be reviewed by an impartial committee of the Go Carterton executive team.  Grant recipients will be asked to present to the committee once their ‘project’ has been completed, or the activity actioned.

What’s the grant for?  It’s a small boost of cash to take away a problem that’s stopping you from being successful in your business.  Maybe you need to;

  • Purchase new signage so that you reach more customers
  • Underwrite the cost of hiring someone to open on Saturday for a while to see if it’s worth doing long term
  • Finally get that online store built so people can buy from you night AND day
  • Cover the first bit of rent and power on your new place on the high street before cashflow kicks in
  • Have a professional overhaul your shop interior
  • Go on a training course that will boost your skills in a particular area

You get the idea!  This is not for business as usual costs or for unpaid bills, sorry.

Round 1 2019 applications open on 3rd December 2018 and close on 31 January 2019:

Apply Now


Ts and Cs: Submitting this form confirms your application for the Go Carterton Growth Fund (Round 1 2019) and acceptance of these terms. If you wish to withdraw your application, you must email ctndbi@gmail.com. Applications open on 3rd December 2018 and close on 31 January 2019. Announcements of the winners will be made in February 2019 and published in the Go Carterton newsletter and social channels. You therefore understand that if you are a winner, agreed company details and an agreed outline of the project will be made public. All applicants will be contacted prior to the announcement to explain the decision reached by the committee on your project. Please note that any applications requesting funds for business as usual costs or for unpaid bills will be removed from consideration. The decision of the Go Carterton Committee is final. The award is for $1000 NZD and will be credited to the bank account noted in the application. 2 winners will be selected in this round. Winners also receive membership of Go Carterton, if not already a member (existing members are not eligible for any refund of fees paid) Members and non-members of Go Carterton may apply. Winners are required to report back required to the committee face to face, and provide a short written report at the end of the ‘project’

Posted on 27 November 2018

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