The Carterton Crier

The Carterton Crier is a monthly community magazine, written, edited and distributed by volunteers. It appears on this website courtesy of Carterton District Business Inc.

We welcome contributions. We publish unique, local stories about the community. Stories about individuals should demonstrate the subject's connection to the community. We have a word limit of 300 for stories, 200 for letters, and 50 for What's On postings. If you would like to be included on our database in order to receive regular reminders, email the editor with your contact details.

Deadline the 25th of each month. (There is no January edition).

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Latest Edition & Back Issues

Carterton Crier, February 2016

Carterton Crier, February 2016Thursday 11th of February 2016: The New Year in Carterton is off to a great start with the Menz shed up and running, an up-close look at dog training, a festival of local authors, a makeover for the Carterton loos, an singing workshop at the end of the month, more wonderful Sunset movies, the Christmas community dinner, sport, fitness, clubs galore, environmental work and home gardening. There are letters and we have even taken our our own Agony Aunty on board. With our What's On pages you don't need to miss anything. More...

Carterton Crier December 2015

Carterton Crier December 2015Monday 21st of December 2015: In this issue find out about the community life in Carterton and the many different things we do in our spare time - staffing emergency services; joining together to help others; having fun together; making beautiful music together; painting murals; celebrating our creativity in many other ways and bringing up our children. More...

Carterton Crier November 2015

Carterton Crier November 2015Sunday 1st of November 2015: Carterton's community magazine. More...

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