The low 500 metre extension of flat land that reaches from the coastal hills to end in a blunt sandy beach and low dunes is protected from erosion by the large close offshore mass of partly submerged rock that forms Flat Point Reef. At low tide the expansive exposed reef area adds to the Flat Point appearance.

The presence of the reef is one of Flat Point’s greatest assets in that it provides the protection on the sandy beach for boat launching in the reef’s shelter even in moderate to rough swell conditions. The same phenomena also provides safe swimming conditions with the advantage of finding progressively bigger waves along the beach the further north one goes. This is excellent for children to progress to more difficult play as their confidence grows in the water.

Flat Point is accessed by road from the Gladstone area of the Wairarapa through Te Wharau and travel time from Wellington and Palmerston North is about two hours.

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