10 Reasons to Shop Local!

10 Reasons to Shop Local!

Put your money where your heart is! Whether you are getting a headstart on Christmas shopping or buying your weekly fresh produce, make sure you consider our ten reasons to buy locally!

1. Buying local helps the local economy

When you buy local, it stays local. Dollars spent locally continue to circulate throughout our community. Local businesses are more likely to shop with other local businesses, and local employees are likely to spend their wages on local products.

2. Support your neighbours

When you buy a product or use a local service, you are supporting your neighbours. The farmer down the road, your neighbour who works at at the workshop, or your friend who makes her own products.

3. Meet your producers

Buy local and get to meet your producer! Go down to the Farmer’s Market and chat to the person who has watered your lettuce or mixed your homemade dog treats.

4. Support local jobs

Small businesses are one of our largest local employers. Local businesses are also more likely to hire young people for work experience or after school jobs.

5. Receive the personal touch

Need some gardening advice? What paint to use? Reading recommendations? Local business owners are more likely to spend time speaking to members of the community, as they are already invested in the town.

6. Local business owners invest in their community

Local businesses are constantly supporting community projects - whether it is food at events, art supplies for holiday programs, spot-prizes at events, or sponsoring a sports team.

7. Reduces environmental impact

Local businesses tend to source products locally, and produce has a short field-to-fork journey which means less transportation. You can also reduce your environmental impact by walking or cycling to town. This contributes to less pollution, traffic congestion, habitat loss, and resource depletion.

8. Unique & exclusive

Finding unique treasures is one of the most rewarding parts of shopping locally! Check out local art galleries, markets, and craft shops - and don’t forget to scour second-hand stores for vintage items.

9. Try before you buy

There are so many great items to try before you buy: handmade skincare products, bakery items, clothing and jewellery, and make sure you stop off at all the cellar doors you can find!

10. Enjoy the perks

Enjoy the small perks that come with being a regular customer - get an expert opinion, extra items thrown in, personalised payments plans, or leftover bakery croissants at the end of the day!

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Posted on 6 November 2018

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