Carterton NZ

The CDBI Exec Team

Dan Broughton

Business: Dan is a qualified engineer, a career he followed for 8 years in the aerospace and defence industry. He won a Six Sigma role with a focus on quality control, and worked on process improvement and failure analysis for several years. After working in some unusual locations including the Amazon Jungle, he decided to take a sidewards step into the IT industry and the rest is history. Dan now runs the Wairarapa Web Design agency on Carterton High Street.
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Community: Dan is a member of the Carterton Farmers' Market team and market manager.

Interests: Dan enjoys making the most of the family garden, home DIY and creating "stuff" from spare odds and sods. He's a keen mountain biker and is always keen to don his tramping boots hit the hills.

Karen Fairweather

Business: Karen runs "Bumblebee Property Services" in Carterton.

Community: Karen is a member of the Carterton Economic Development team and is in addition involved in the re-purposing of the historic Holloway St Courthouse in Carterton.

Interests: Karen is a keen gardener, tree hugger, collector of Crown Lynn and is absolutely passionate about the positive future of Carterton.

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